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8th graders - Exit Exhibitions will be Apr.19th

4hrs of community service is required by May 3rd. Get your community service done asap!
Dear Marston 8th Grade Parents,
All Marston 8th grade students are expected to do four hours of community service by May 3, 2019. All completed hours must be on the Marston community service form with a supervisor signature.  Completed forms need to be submitted to Mrs. Carol Iglesias in the Student Services Office which is located inside the Marston's Main Office. The supervisor signature cannot be the student’s parent or relative. Please make sure the form contains the student’s name, ID number and PE period.
Please visit the Community Service Hours webpage under the Academics tab on the Marston website to see a list of some organizations that accept volunteers and also to verify community service hours have been recorded by our office. Completed community service hours are displayed by student ID number and P.E. class period. Students who participated in community service events at Marston, do not need to complete the form. Attendance was taken at all of these events and the corresponding hours should now be visible on the Marston website.
8th graders must complete the four hours of community service in order to participate in the 8th grade activities at the end of the year.  Please contact me with any questions about this requirement.
Alex Nguyen 
Vice Principal
Marston Middle School