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Students are issued progress reports every six to seven weeks with the final report card issued at the end of each semester. 
Grading Periods

Marks Legend - "What do those letters stand for?"
Academic/Scholarship (Points)                  Citizenship (Points)
A = Superior (4)                                        E = Excellent (4)
B = Above Average (3)                            G = Good (3)
C = Satisfactory (2)                                  S = Satisfactory (2)
D = Below Average (1)                            N = Needs Improvement (1)
F = Failure (0)                                           U = Unsatisfactory (0)
NG = No Grade
Grade Point Average - How to Calculate
Grade Point Average or GPA is the average of the points earning during one grading period.  For example, a student earned the following academic grades on the report card:
Advisory - NG - Students do not earn academic grades in advisory.  This class does not count toward the academic GPA but does count toward the citizenship GPA.
                 (Points earned)
Per 1 - B    (3)
Per 2 - C    (2)
Per 3 - A    (4)
Per 4 - F    (0)
Per 5 - B    (3)
Per 6 - C    (2)
Total Points   14 divided by the number of classes - six (6) = 2.33 academic GPA
Report Card Comments - A Teacher/Parent Communication Tool
On every progress report or report card, teachers have the opportunity to add comments for parents.  Informative in nature, codes may or may not require student or parent action. 
Comment List
Plus mark in scholarship (+)
Minus mark in scholarship (-)
An outstanding student
Work is improving
Citizenship has improved
Shows sincere effort
Not turning in assignments
Tardiness affecting grade
Often unprepared for class
More effort needed
Exhibits disruptive behavior
Absence/truancy affects grade
Failure to reach proficiencies
May fail at the semester
May receive “U” at semester
Needs parent/teacher conference
Failure to make-up timed run
Grade modification EL student – Limited English Proficient
Multiple F’s may result in retention at grade level
Participated in a modified curriculum per IEP
Participated in a functional curriculum per IEP