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Mann Middle School 6th Grade Transition

Horace Mann Middle School Sixth Grade Transition


We know the transition to middle school can seem intimidating. At Mann Middle School, we’ve developed a number of school structures and supports to ease that transition so students can find success as they grow their independence during adolescence.

  1. Separate Lunch:  Sixth grade students have lunch only with other sixth graders as they are learning about our cafeteria system.  Sixth grade teachers spend the first week walking classes out the lunch area and mentoring them as they adjust to the new school environment.
  2. Separate Classes:  With the exception of PE and elective periods, 6th graders have classes only with other 6th graders to help develop friendships, get to know teachers, and to support their adjustment to middle school.
  3. Separate Building:  Our 600 building is designated for 6th graders. Students do not worry about getting lost on our large campus and can easily get for class to class on time.
  4. Two Full-Time Counselors:  Mann is fortunate to have one Head Counselor and one counselor, Ms. Lampron and Ms. Tiner.  Our counselors are devoted to supporting students with personal,social adjustment and academic needs.  Our counselors can match students with a variety of resources, including after-school programs and tutoring, to make sure our students are fully supported. Additionally, counselors facilitate 6th-grade-groups to proactively teach students conflict resolution, decision-making, and other social skills.
  5. Two Full-Time Administrators: Mr. Teng and Ms Herrera. Ms. Herrera, vice principal, are experienced, knowledgable and patient administrators who mentor and work with middle-school students to help students toward positive choices.  They are always available to support parents or students during the  middle-school years.
  6. Two Full-Time Americorp PASS Mentors, English Language Support Teacher, Check and Connect Mentor, Mental Health Counselor - Mann is lucky to have a range of counseling and intervention resources to help students when they are having a problem or need support. Each of these support providers outreach and build relationships with students.

At Mann, we also view 6th grade as an exciting time.  It presents a world of opportunities  for our students to engage in new activities, programs and experiences:

Video of What Make Horace Mann Middle School Special 

  1. 6th-Grade Music: Mann 6th graders have the opportunity to take our music elective where they will develop their musical skills with either orchestra or band instruments they receive at no charge.  In 7th and 8th grade, students can develop their skills further and compete in regional competitions such as the Disneyland Music in the Parks.

  1. Full-Year Science:  Mann is a leader in the adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards.  Unlike elementary or K-8 schools, all Mann 6th-grade students will have the opportunity to participate in field trips, do experiments, and have an hour of science embedded into their day.  

  1. Physical Education: Unlike elementary or K-8 schools, all Mann 6th-grade students participate in P.E. courses taught by a credentialed P.E. teacher who works on students’ physical endurance, knowledge of sports, and sportsmanship.  

  1. Lunch Sports:  All Mann students have the opportunity to play basketball, soccer, football, volleyball or tetherball at lunch.  Mann holds monthly tournaments where students compete in leagues with other students and can challenge the staff.  The champion teams are engraved on trophies that are displayed in our front trophy case.

  1. Dances, Clubs and Other Activities:  With an active ASB and a number of clubs on campus, students have the opportunity to get involved at school in a number of ways.  Mann offers clubs such as Drama Club, Chavistas, Japanese Club, Club Cougar, Girls on the Run, Circle of Friends, Youth Empowerment, and Youth Group.  Students can participate in dances and other lunchtime and afterschool activities.

  1. WiFi Access: Our comprehensive library offers a range of activities or just a quiet place to work.  Students can get wireless access on their laptops in our library from 6:45 am until 2:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It is supervised by our librarian.