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Support for English Learners:


One of the strengths of Horace Mann is the diversity of students and the different language and cultures they bring to the school community.  Being in City Heights, Mann students speak over 20 languages and there are supportive communities of students from Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Horace Mann also specializes in offering support for students as they are learning English.  Our middle school offers four levels of support for English in order to ensure a successful transition into mainstream classes and promote a graduation track.

  1. New Arrival Center/ English Language Development Level 1-2  -- Horace Mann offers a new arrival center staffed by a fully-credentialed teacher and a specialized curriculum who utilizes a variety of learning strategies to get students talking, writing, reading and engaged in learning English.  Students learn functional skills that help them adapt to American school culture in a nurturing, technology-rich environment where they are supported during their first year.

  1. English Language Development Level 3-4 --  After students demonstrate proficiency in basic skills (sometimes sooner than a year,) they are transitioned into the second level ELD class.  This class also has specialized curriculum that is meant to develop proficiency in academic English by preparing them to transition into mainstream English classes.

  1. English Language Development Level 5-6 -- This level is the last level before transition in mainstream English.  At this point, students only receive English instruction with a focus on vocabulary and how to develop their own supports to be successful in mainstream classes.  Students work on reading fluency and writing fluency to be able to transition.

  1. Academic Language Development -- Once students have advanced through the first three levels of English Language Development, they take mainstream academic courses like any other student. The ALD elective is an opportunity to give them additional support in those classes and to make sure they are able to reclassify.

Attached is a powerpoint on the CELDT and how it is used in the reclassification process.

Please contact Mann Middle School at 619-560-4460 for English Language Support Information.


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