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Governance Team 2015-2016

Current SGT members,

Certificated members (8):  Cesar Padilla, Cesar Santos, Ebonee Weathers (Vice Chair), Chris Cook(Keeper of the time), Ty Lackey (Chair), Harold Lewis, Lotus Hang, Rachel Tarshes (Secretary)
Parent members (3): Ms. Brown, Mr. MacNeal, Open.
Community members (2): Daniel Nyamangah, Theresa Ludwig
Classified (1): LaVerne Cross
Student (1): ASB president Kenneth Thach 1/11/16
Principal: Mr. Teng
Note: Agenda Items should be e-mailed directly to the SGT chair. All meetings are open, community members, parents, students, and staff are all encouraged to come and participate.

Bylaws: 2015-2016

Agenda 10/19/15, Minutes 10/19/15

Agenda 11/16/15, Minutes 11/16/15

Agenda 12/14/15, Minutes 12/14/15

Agenda 1/11/16, Minutes 1/11/16

Agenda 2/2/16, Minutes 2/2/16 Special 8th Grade Promotion Meeting

Agenda 2/16/16, Minutes 2/16/16