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CA State Instructional Frameworks

California English Language Arts/English Language Development Framework (Adopted 2014)

Chapter 1: Overview of the Standards (PDF; 2MB)

Chapter 2: Key Considerations in the ELA/Literacy and ELD Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (PDF; 2MB)

Chapter 6: Content and Pedagogy: Grades Six Through Eight (PDF; 3MB)

Chapter 8: Assessment (PDF; 2MB)

Chapter 9: Access and Equity (PDF; 2MB)

Chapter 10: Learning in the 21st Century (PDF; 1MB)

Chapter 11: Implementing High-Quality ELA/Literacy and ELD Instruction: Professional Learning, Leadership, and Program Supports (PDF; 1MB)

Chapter 12: Instructional Materials to Support the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy and CA ELD Standards (PDF; 1MB)

Appendix, Resources, and Glossary (PDF; 2MB)

California Mathematics Framework (Adopted 2013)

Introduction (PDF; Posted Feb-2015)

Overview of the Standards Chapters (PDF; Posted Feb-2015)

Grade 6 (PDF; 6MB; Posted Apr-2015)

Grade 7 (PDF; 2MB; Posted Apr-2015)

Grade 8 (PDF; Posted May-2015) 

Introduction to Higher Mathematics Courses (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Universal Access (PDF; Posted Sept-2015 )

Instructional Strategies (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)

Supporting High Quality Common Core Mathematics Instruction (PDF; Posted Sept-2015)

Technology in the Teaching of Mathematics (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)

Assessment (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)

Instructional Materials (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)

Appendix A: Course Placement and Sequences (PDF)

Appendix B: Financial Literacy and Mathematics Education (PDF)

Appendix C: Possible Adaptations for Students with Learning Difficulties in Mathematics (PDF)

Appendix D: Mathematical Modeling (PDF)

Appendix E: Higher Mathematics Pathways Standards Chart (PDF)

Appendix F: Methods Used for Solving Single-digit Addition and Subtraction Problems (PDF)

Glossary (PDF)

References (PDF)

Resources (PDF; Posted Oct-2015)