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Student and Staff of the Month, March 2017

Each month, Madison staff and ASB select one student and staff member to be honored.  Please congratulate them in recognition of their contributions to Madison.

Picture of Paulina CoronadoPaulina Coronado

Our student of the month is a senior graduating in just a few short months, Miss Paulina Coronado. Paulina always has a positive attitude every single day and brings much joy into the classroom...her smile and energy lights up the room! Paulina serves as a member of ASB as a Commissioner of Publicity and Communication Liaison, where she works hard on all of her individual and committee assignments. She always has bright, new, fun ideas to bring to the table to better each high school student’s experience at the Madhouse, as well as creative ways to get the information to the students too! In addition to ASB, Paulina is the President of the Latino Hispanic Society, where she keeps her club members informed and organized. She is also one of the most active members of CSF (California Scholarship Federation). Having multiple leadership roles on campus and maintaining a high GPA is all in a day’s work for Paulina. She is one of the most respectful Lady Hawks on our campus and always stays organized and is ready to take on anything that comes her way throughout the day. She naturally goes above and beyond the call of duty, and although she will be flying away and leaving “the nest” soon, we know that she will soar as she spreads her wings in college!!

Picture of Mike Donovan

Mike Donovan

Madison High School’s Staff Member of the Month is Mr. Mike Donovan. He has been a part of the Warhawk family for almost ten years, always striving for excellence in all that he does as our school’s Lead Custodian. He is recognized among fellow Warhawks as hardworking, helpful, and accommodating. Mr. Donovan is always there on the spot when help is needed and is supportive of both the students and staff alike. Not only does Mr. Donovan work hard to make sure our campus is clean and orderly, but he is committed to maintaining a safe campus for all of the Warhawks, big and small. Any time people visit our campus, one of the first things mentioned is how clean, safe, well-stocked, and maintained it is. Although we all do our part, it is because of Mr. Donovan’s leadership and his team that we have all of these things and beautiful space to come and learn and/or work in. As staff members say, “Mike is one person that we all depend on, go to, and at times even take for granted. He also does everything with a smile and is very positive to encounter too, which makes him even more special!” Madison High School students and staff feel very fortunate to have a helping hand like Mr. Donovan among us; he is truly a hidden treasure on campus that we are happy to honor this month!!