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Student and Staff of the Month

Mohammed Shooble a sophomore at Madison High School. When he is not working hard on his academics, he likes to play sports, do puzzles, and play tennis, especially with his younger siblings. Having a deep passion for tennis and cross country, Mohamed hopes in the future to be a coach and/or a doctor. Mohamed is a student who strives to always help others and do the best he can to make them smile. He is a very dedicated warhawk, very caring and he engages in a lot of activities around campus, such as E5 (an after school program for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing), IMIN, tutoring, and ASB. Mohamed’s ability to set his priorities and maintain his responsibilities have made many people on campus, students and staff alike, take positive notice of him. At home as well, Mohamed not only takes care of his siblings and his responsibilities at home, but he also teaches his family how to sign so that they can communicate with him. Mohamed’s classmates admire how much of a hard worker he is and how he is always keeping himself busy; he is never just sitting, but always doing something and keeping active. Mohamed’s best attribute is his ability to put a smile on everyone’s face, no matter who it is, whether by saying “hi” or busting out a dance move! We are fortunate to have such a dynamic student at Madison and we are excited to see what he will accomplish over his next two years in the nest!


It is an honor to introduce Mr. Tom Staninger, this month's Staff Member of the Month. Mr. Staninger's ways of teaching are like no other, he is always eager to devote his time and effort towards educating his students. As a teacher here at Madison for 17 years, Mr. Staninger has implemented several different teaching styles in order to guide his students to success. As a senior in his AP American Literature class, reading and understanding Shakespeare has never been more easy. He adds a modern twist to the Golden Age era leaving students very interested and eager to learn more. Instead of sitting in front of the class reading or playing an audio, Mr. Staninger encourages the students to take on the role of a character in a play and read out loud to the class, improving not only their comprehension, but speaking skills as well. Before school started, Mr. Staninger tasked his AP American Literature students with reading a book and then writing a reflective essay. During our first week back, he sat individually with each student and shared with us our most prominent and common issues, why they're incorrect, and how we could improve. There is never a time when Mr. Staninger does not return our timed-writing without providing us critiques and feedback. He is also willing to dedicate his morning and afternoon time to provide his students with additional help and guidance. His colleagues at Madison also recognize his teaching excellence and his passion for literature. He is well known on campus for pushing his students academically, but also simultaneously making them believe that they can achieve greatness. Former students, fellow staff members, and even current students most enjoy and remember Mr. Staninger’s stories and his humor; he can always make everyone laugh and he uses his experiences to connect to students within the classroom. There is no doubt, Mr. Staninger earned this recognition because of his innovative teaching methods and dedication to his warhawk students. Thank you for all that you do, Mr. Staninger. Madison’s English Department would not be the same without you!!