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Student and Staff of the Month

Aaron Lee is seventeen and a senior at Madison High School. When not working hard on his rigorous academics, Aaron likes to play basketball, explore and travel. Having a deep passion for sports is a big part of his interests. Having a very curious nature, his curiosity drives him to often try new things and engage in more activities. The goals Aaron has are to graduate college, travel the world, and establish himself with a rewarding career. Aaron has always been a dedicated student who maintains a positive attitude on and off campus, and it comes from his strong morals. Aaron’s morals and priorities that drive him to be the admired young man that he is consists of his faith, his family/friends, his school experience, and engagement with sports. Aaron’s teachers admire his maturity at his age and his ability to think ahead and understand the importance of one’s decisions and the use of one’s time. The staff admires how Aaron always pushes himself to be better. Even if he has an A in a class, he will not stop until his work is his best. Aaron is a very kind and welcoming person, he’s always saying "hi" to people, and his bright smile brings a happy vibe to every room he walks into on campus. We are fortunate to have such a charismatic and genuine Warhawk on campus who models the Warhawk Way for his peers!


 Mr. John Cella, the Department Chair for Mathematics, has demonstrated his dedication to teaching throughout the entire 19 years he has been here at Madison. It is made very clear each day why he deserves this recognition; not only because he is an amazing teacher, but because of how he teaches. Mr. Cella is very enthusiastic about math and he has brought life into students who previously did not enjoy math. In addition, he respects his students and encourages them, and fosters their personal growth, as well. Mr. Cella gives up his own time, during lunch and after school, to make sure his students have the best chance to succeed and to develop a strong understanding of the concepts from class. Not only do his colleagues appreciate him, but his students, do as well. Current students in his class smile and “light up” when talking about Mr. Cella and his math class. They love how he engages all types of learning styles to create a great, positive working environment in his classroom. His students love his work ethic and how he’s always looking out for them in all aspects of life. All of the Warhawks appreciate Mr. Cella’s sense of humor and the laughter he brings into their lives. Thank you, Mr. Cella, for all of your hardwork and the long time dedication you have brought to all of us at Madison!