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Purchasing Cap, Gown and Tassel; Class of 2020

Attention Seniors

Re: Cap and Gown for Commencement 2020 


If you would like to decorate and/or keep your cap, gown and tassel after graduation, you must make your payment online at jostens.com or by calling Jostens.  The cost of the cap, gown and tassel  is $20.00 plus tax, which is $21.55.  The district will rent the cap and gown unit free of charge for students who choose not to purchase.  This payment must be made in order to decorate and/or keep your graduation regalia.  If you do not purchase it, you will be required to return them to the school in order to receive your actual high school diploma because it is considered a rental. 


If you provided an email address to Jostens earlier in the year, they have been emailing you an invoice to pay for your cap and gown if you would like to purchase it. If not, you can call Jostens (858) 486-2020 between 11 AM - 5 PM to make a payment over the phone.  If you do not wish to purchase the cap, gown and tassel, you do not need to pay the fee. 


If you are choosing to purchase the cap, gown and tassel, please make your payment as soon as possible. All payments must be made by June 1st, 2020. 


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Siracusa, Mrs. Peters, or Mr. Williams.