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Mission and Vision 

Mission Statement 
It is the mission of James Madison High School to provide all students with the tools necessary for lifelong learning. 
Vision Statement
The vision of James Madison High School is to provide a high quality education for all students that will enable them to reach their maximum potential as responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners.  Drawing upon our diverse environment encourages each student to grow intellectually and emotionally, to act purposefully and morally, and to lead an active, healthy life.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
  1. Effective Communicator
    Madison High School students will be able to demonstrate effective oral and written communication.

  2. Global Citizen
    Madison High School students will become critical thinkers who are able to solve problems in standard and creative ways and work productively and collaboratively in diverse settings to attain their current and future academic, personal, and work place goals.

  3. Information Technology User
    Madison High School students will develop the skills necessary to use multiple modes of information to research, organize, evaluate and communicate.