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McAlister Institute Offers Help

Madison now offers an on-site satellite for the McAlister Institute to provide substance abuse treatment and intervention services.  Under the direction of the North Central Teen Recovery Center of McAlister Institute, this on-site satellite program serves teens at Madison and provides outpatient drug and alcohol treatment and education, including assessment and referral, treatment groups, one-to-one counseling, drug testing, and recovery services.  Parents/guardians are involved in the intake process and participate in family groups and family counseling, as needed. 

McAlister also offers workshops for teens and Madison staff on a variety of topics, including substance abuse and addiction, life skills, health, recovery issues, employment preparation, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, and other topics.  Assessments, resources, and referrals are available for students with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse issues.  Students who participate in the program meet twice weekly at Madison for a period of three months.  Students must make-up any sessions they may miss to earn a certificate of completion upon graduation from the program. 

Referrals to McAlister are made by Madison administrators in lieu of suspension, if a student is determined to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at school.  Students can also self-refer to the program or parents can make referrals.  Bilingual and monolingual Spanish-speaking services are available.  All services are confidential and are provided by licensed/certified professionals.  Please contact Greg Williams (gwilliams3@sandi.net) or Ms. Penny (rclark2@sandi.net) in the Family Resource Center if you have questions or need more information.

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