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The Madison Community of Schools (made of up of school representatives, parents and community members) from the 9 elementary and middle schools and Madison High Schools.  The cluster has over the last several years identified an articulation gap at the middle school level that has left many families in the Madison community with the decision about what to do when their student reaches 6th grade, keep them in elementary school to stay in the cluster or choice out of the cluster to 6-8 middle school.  (The only cluster within the school district with this unique situation.)  In June 2014, the San Diego Unified School Board of Education approved the realignment of the cluster schools to address this issue and put all of the schools within the cluster on the traditional school year schedule. 

Meetings are held the second Monday of each month (excluding holidays and breaks), 5:00-6:30 pm in the library at Innovation Middle School.  
Parents and community members are welcome to attend.



The Madison Community of Schools was established in 2000 in an effort to strengthen local schools; consisting of representatives from schools that feed into Madison High School and are geographically located in the Clairemont area, community partners, and youth service agencies.  These dedicated stakeholders meet monthly to develop a strategic approach to improving schools in our community and are committed to a long-term investment in improving student success. 



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