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 2012-213 Corps of Cadets
Welcome to the Madison High School Army JROTC website. The Madison AJROTC program has a long and proud tradition of making new leaders for our community and our great state and nation. Established in 1962 with the opening of the school, the AJROTC program has mentored, coached, and trained students to be leaders, managers, and productive citizens. We strive to create the conditions for success for our cadets specifically, and the entire Madison student family, as a whole. Our programs are focused on physical fitness and academics. As a Physical Education credit, we empower cadets to attain and maintain good physical fitness which leads to better handling of stress and allows students to better mentally focus on school. Although we teach physical fitness routines, we also provide health education so the student can make lifestyle choices for healthier living. We stress academics and leadership and build students to attain life skills that will help them as they leave high school and either start a career or continue their education. Our goal is to make your son or daughter college or career ready as they graduate. You and your child are a part of our success formula and we look forward to working with you and your child's other teachers to make your high school experience one to remember.
The mission of the Madison High School Army JROTC is:
James Madison HS Army JROTC, 6th BN, conducts citizen, leadership, and physical education training in order to enable all students to reach their potential. On order, conducts drill meets and other enhancing training in order to expand leadership and follower skill sets.

The purpose of this program is to efficiently train JROTC students as effective communicators, global citizens, and users of information technology to be enablers to the students' advancement of required skill sets in preparation for either advanced levels of education or vocational success. Through execution of the focused enabling learning objectives that support our Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR), JROTC students will demonstrate proficiency through written/oral communication (ESLR#1); demonstrate problem solving methodologies in a diverse and collaborative environment (ESLR #2), and use information technology to research information, analyze the information and convert it to knowledge (ESLR #3). End state for this school year is for the students of JROTC to gain the skills sets to demonstrate proficiency in each ESLR, increase participation in the JROTC program, increase the number of JROTC students enrolled into college programs, and provide the tools for individual students to improve their grades. 




-         Teach and demonstrate effective, active voice, writing skills (ESLR #1)

-         Conduct oral presentations in the format of reports and operational orders and plans. (ESLR #1 and 2)

-         Conduct individual and group projects that enhance leadership, following skills and complex problem solving (ESLR #2)

-         Mentor and coach students in the development of Cadet Portfolios in preparation of establishing Senior Portfolios (ESLR #1, 2 and 3)

-         Instruct and mentor students in focused skill sets to establish the conditions for success for Senior Exhibition. (ESLR # 1and 3)

-         Conduct research and data mining utilizing information technology in order to convert information to actionable knowledge. (ESLR #3)

-         Demonstrate value added instruction that promotes ESLR external to JROTC.

-         Conduct public relations and community events within the larger community to enhance the attitude for community service, civil responsibility and reinforce the commitment of Madison High School to the students and their future commitment to our society. (ESLR # 2)

-         Continue and lead sponsor programs to increase Madison High School student recruitment and improve performance of current members.

-         Provide advanced problem solving methodologies to LET 3 and LET 4 cadets. (ESLR #1, 2 and 3)