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Mission: To prepare students to be global citizens in the 21st century by providing unique, quality after school programs that reinforce and broaden what students are learning and experiencing in the regular school day.

Vision: To provide opportunities after school for students to demonstrate excellence, leadership, post secondary readiness and social justice. 

What is IMIN?

IMIN is SDUSD's premier after school program for students at 14 high schools. The name "IMIN", pronounced "I'm in", is designed to align with the way that students talk about their favorite after school activities. The program was developed after soliciting feedback directly from high school students, and includes a suite of branded apparel, posters, flyers and promotional items. The goal of IMIN is to help San Diego students pursue their passions through a variety of after school opportunities.

Dance, leadership, sports, cooking, theater and robotics are just a few examples of IMIN activities that are enjoyed at campuses across the District. At most school sites, IMIN activities happen before school, after school and on the weekends. IMIN activities are open to everyone, and they are always free. 

IMIN participants also get the inside scoop on college visits, field trips, and adventure challenges, and at the end of each school year IMIN hosts a free talent showcase called “IMIN Showdown” where hundreds of teens compete to be crowned the Best of the Best at their IMIN activity. For more information about IMIN clubs and activities on campus stop by your student center, check us out at WhatIMIN.com, or follow our Facebook page at facebook.com/whatIMINClick here for Madison's after school calendar. Click here for the monthly newsletter.

After School Hours:

2:13pm-5:30pm in room 803


After School Tutoring by Certificated Teachers:

2:30pm-3:30pm in the Library




Nathalie Kuglen


(619) 252-6212


Program Supervisor:

Lisa McDonnell | 21st Century ASSETs Grant


(858) 627-7375