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Cal-SCHLS Surveys for Students, Parents and Staff, Spring 2017

Students in grades 9 and 11, all parents, and all staff are encouraged to complete the Cal-SCHLS survey.  The information collected is anonomous and helps the school district determine the funding priorities for the Local Control Accountability Plan required by the California Legislature and the California Department of Education.  These surveys will be administered after spring break.  The student and staff surveys will be administered at school on-line through WestEd.  Parent surveys will be mailed home in April.  Parents are asked to return the completed survey with their student or drop it off in the front office.  Madison is required to have all 9th and 11th grade students and all staff participate in the survey and 300 parents, so your participation is vital.  Click on the link below to see a sample of the California Healthy Kids Survey for 9th and 11th grade students.

California Healthy Kids Survey, 2016-17

Parent Survey Sample, 2016-17