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Volunteering Reminder

As a reminder, every year all volunteers are required to fill out a new Volunteer Application Form,  a current TB Clearance Card on file (TB Tests are valid for 4 years), current Driver License and Current  Insurance (if planning to drive on a field trip).  
These items are required to be turned in to the school prior to any volunteering. 
To learn more, visit the "Get Involved > Parent Volunteers" tab on this site.  A link will be provide to download the Volunteer application, TB Form.
If your TB Clearance has expired or if the school does not have a current one on file, testing IS REQUIRED with your personal physician or the county offers affordable clinics.  For a list of clinics visit the County of San Diego Web Site at http://www.sdcounty.ca.gov/hhsa/programs/phs/tuberculosis_control_program/clinic_services.html.
Please note that SDUSD no longer offers TB Testing.