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Message from Principal Sanchez...


On behalf of our entire school staff, we hopeour students are all energized, enthused and ready for a high quality yearteaching and learning. 

I want you to know that the entire Longfellowstaff is committed to fulfilling our school mission of providing a nurturing environment of academic excellence whichprovides for the development of a responsible cross-cultural world citizen withan enriched understanding of self and others.  I want you to know that we as a teaching staff, we believe strongly inour one-way Spanish immersion program, we are committed to this program and weare passionate about teaching and learning. I am so fortunate to have the privilege and honor to work with thiscommitted staff and to lead at such a great school!

My personalvision for Longfellow students:  to see all children live their learninglives in healthy environments worthy of children that produce intellectual, caring, confident,independent, and actively literate children...in two languages!  

As we move into full implementation of the Common Core StateStandards in literacy and in math, and work in service of our school mission,we will pay close attention to how we create healthy environments and a schoolculture of achievement that is worthy of children. 

I can humbly tell you that Longfellow is agreat school and as a school staff, we couldn’t ask for a better community toserve!   Together with you, let’s formpositive and respectful relationships that serve the best interests of ourchildren. 

The following are reminders for parents/guardians:

StudentEnrollment Form… It is so important that we have accurate contact information forall of our students so that we can reach you by phone, email or U.S. mail!  Please update the school office anytime your contact information changes.  This includes your home address, your phone numbers, your email address and phone numbers of your emergency contacts.  Contact Joselyn Ellis at jellis@sandi.net or Glenda McGee-Bolden at gmcgee-bolden@sandi.net with your contact information changes.

Attendance Counts!...Dailyschool attendance plays a significant role in your child’s education andacademic progress.  Please make acommitment to send your child to school on time every day that he or she ishealthy.   Please schedule medical anddental appointments on our minimum day when possible and please schedulevacations during our off times.   While missed school work can be made up, theteacher’s lessons for the missed day or days of school cannot be repeated. 

ParentInvolvement…It iscritical for all parents/guardians to play an active role in their child’seducation!  Please introduce yourself toyour child’s teacher and begin establishing a partnership that will be mostsupportive of your child’s social, emotional, behavioral and academicprogress.   Please remember that it isalways best to reach out to your child’s teacher first when you have a concernabout your child.   

SchoolCommunications...The majority of our school communications are electronic so pleasestay in the information loop!  Be sure toread our school communications handout and sign the communications consent form to receive classroom communications from your child's teacher as well as our electronic newsletter, Standing Tall.

This year, we are excited to welcome the following new staff members…

  • Marisela Barajas…teachingour 2/3 combo class

  • Lana Van...teaching 3rdgrade

  • Patricia Ortiz…teachinggrade 5

  • Iris Espinosa…teachinggrade 5

  • Marin Silva…teachingmiddle school science

  • Em Tran…P.E. prep timeteacher (elementary)

  • Diane Marques…schoolpsychologist (on campus Monday-Thursday)

  • Angela Giammatteo…specialeducation teacher

  • Nydia Guerrero…healthtechnician (on campus Tuesdays, Wednesdays and every other Thursday)

  • Margaret Li…school nurse(on campus Mondays & Fridays)

Lookingforward to serve you for the next 180 days, 


Diana C.Sanchez