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Longfellow students and staff expect high standards of conduct and appearance. How you dress not only reflects you, but your school and community as well. The way you dress often determines actions in and out of school. Clothing should be appropriate and comfortable for normal school activities. In order to promote a suitable learning environment and develop professional, responsible citizens who are models of good behavior, the following dress code is required for all students.
If items of clothing or accessories are deemed inappropriate by school personnel, the student will be required to change into loaner clothes that will be provided by the school.  Refusal to conform to the school dress code outlined below, including wearing the loaner clothes as instructed, or repeated dress code violations may be grounds for further discipline, including lowered citizenship or suspension, for defiance.
Pants, shorts and skirts
   ·Worn at the waist; no sagging
   ·Leggings must be worn with a blouse or shirt that completely covers your bottom
   ·Skirts and shorts should be no shorter than mid-thigh when seated
   ·When standing tall, short and skirt length must be longer than your longest finger tip
   ·Pants, shorts,and skirts must be in good condition with no holes, tears, rips
Midriffs and immodest clothing
   ·Tank top straps must be greater than 2 inches wide
   ·No shoulder exposure
   ·No visible bra straps
   ·No low cut armholes
   ·No tummy exposed when arms are raised
   ·Low cut tops are inappropriate, no exposed cleavage
   ·No see-through or provocative clothing
   ·Cannot depict any profanity, violence, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual act or is offensive to any gender, ethnicity, or faith
   ·Closed-toe shoes are required at all times
   ·Sneakers are required for PE
   ·No slippers,flip-flops, sandals or open-toed shoes of any kind
   ·Heels cannot exceed 2 inches
Hats, caps, and hoods
   ·May only be worn outdoors
   ·Any clothing, accessories, or colors that are associated with gangs are prohibited;this includes wallet chains, bandanas, hairnets,
   ·Hats must not contain any depictions of profanity, violence, drugs, alcohol,tobacco, anything sexual, nor offensive to any gender, ethnicity or faith
   ·Sunglasses are not to be worn indoors unless prescribed by a doctor
   ·Pajamas are not allowed
   ·A jacket, sweater, sweatshirt, etc., may not be worn to cover up inappropriate clothing.
   ·Trench coats are prohibited.
   ·Fingernails should be maintained short
   ·No gloves
   ·No tattoos
   ·No hoop earrings larger than a quarter
   ·No dangling jewelery
   ·No makeup
   ·No perfume, cologne, or scented lotions