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Elementary Report Card...New!

A new elementary student progress report will beavailable for the first reporting cycle in the 2014-15 school year forelementary grades TK through 5.  This change aligns the elementary student progress reportwith the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and will indicate the extentto which students in grade TK through 5 are achieving grade-level standards.Students are evaluated on their achievement of grade level skills, strategiesand concepts identified in the California Content Standards. 
The marksfor each grading period indicate the student’s progress toward expectations ona scale of 4 to 1:

·        4- Exceeding grade level expectations

·        3- Meeting grade level expectations

·        2- Approaching grade level expectations, or

·        1- Beginning progress toward grade level expectations.

The student progress reportwill also provide information about the student’s Social, Citizenship and LearningSkills.   In addition an Information Page is included for each grade level (TK-5)on grade specific standards and expectations.

We will provide additional parent resources as they become available.