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New School Policy on Last-Minute Parent Requests for Dismissal Changes

Our office is receiving a high volume of calls from parents, on a daily basis, requesting changes in dismissal routines.  It is extremely difficult to ensure teachers and students receive your last-minute requests because messages for teachers are normally left in teacher's mailboxes.  Teachers generally check their mailboxes in the morning, at recess, at lunch, and after school.  The office staff is not permitted to transfer parent calls to classrooms or to call classrooms to deliver these types of messages as they are disruptive to instruction. 
If you need to make a last-minute change in your child's dismissal routine (pick-up or transportation), please choose one of these two options to communicate that change to the school and to your child:
1.  Send a written note to your child's teacher informing him or her of the change.  Let your child know, too!
2.  Call the school office prior to noon on regular school days and 10:00 am on minimum school days. 
Your cooperation and support is greatly appreciated!
Longfellow Staff and Administration