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What is Common Core?

Welcome to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). 

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Hey parents!  You may have some questions about what the standards are, and what you can do to help at home.

Here are some resources to help you wade through the TONS of information out there.  If you have any further questions, just ask.
First, start by watching this informative video about CCSS.   Here are videos to watch about Smarter Balanced:  One video from the California Department of Education. Another video from Washington State.
Here is the District's CCSS page. Also, here's the District's information about testing.  Here's the District's Parent Room with lots of resources and information.
Then, check here, California's  Department of Education page for CCSS.  There are pages for teachers, parents and students, and administrators. This is California's Department of Education page for testing, or CAASPP.
After, read a few articles for parents: 
about the CCSS from the official website
Very interesting article  
Article that explains the basics of the CCSS 
from the UT 
ela wordle  
Now, check out some parent guides.  These are from three sources:
information for both math and English Language Arts
organized by grade level, 
common core pretty 2  
1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade 
Parent guides for other grade levels are available directly on the three websites listed above.  Also on the websites are guides in other languages as well.
 smarter balanced
How will the kids be tested?
We'll be using a test called Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.
Here's a Smarter Balanced Fact Sheet for Parents .  Here's their website.   And their Parent and Student page.  Just in case, check out their Frequently Asked Questions page. 
Most importantly, please try out the
Please see what the kids are asked to do on the test.  You'll be amazed!!! 
Directions for accessing the practice test:

1.   Click the green box entitled,“Student Interface:  Practice andTraining Tests”.

2.   Click, “Sign In”. (Do not enterany information on this page.)

3.   Find the drop down arrow thatsays, “Select Grade”.

4.    Select “4”. (or any grade you'd like to check out)

5.   Click, “Yes”.

6.    Click the box that says, “Start G4 MathPractice Test”.

7.    Click “Select”.  (Do not enter any information on this page.)

8.    Click, “Yes, start my test”.

9.    Take a moment and read all of the testinstructions and help commands.

10.       When you’ve read to the bottom, click, “BeginTest Now”.

11.       Answer question #1.  Do NOT click “save” at the top.

12.       If you get a blank screen, click “zoomin”.  That should help.

13.       Click the “next” arrow at the top, left handcorner to more to the next problem.

14.      Continue until the end.

16.      Now,  start over andtry the ELA test and the Performance Tasks.

Compare SBAC to the old CST
Here is a link to the CST released test questions.  Check them out for both math and ELA, and see how the old-style questions compare to the new-style questions of the SBAC.
math wordle  
How to get your kid ready to take a standardized test:
Check this article:  Seven Ways to Get Your Kids Ready for Standardized Tests posted on Lifehack.org 
or this one:
or this slideshow:
11 Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for Tests posted on familyeducation.com 
Thank you to 4th Grade Loma Portal teacher, Amy Kinseth, for creating this page of Teacher Common Core Materials. Please email her with questions or comments at akinseth.lomaportal@gmail.com.