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Welcome to Music Classmusic notes

DearLoma Portal Families,

Iam so honored to be Loma Portal’s new music teacher this year.  I had the opportunity to get to know some ofour amazing Loma Portal families when I taught kindergarten at Loma Portal for10 years.  I retired in the spring of2013 after teaching in San Diego City Schools for 34 years. 

Thestudents at Loma Portal are fortunate to have a dedicated PTA which funds a MusicEnrichment Program for all students in kindergarten through third grade.  I am hoping to develop a quality musicprogram that is worthy of the dedicated fundraising efforts of our parents andcommunity as well as our talented students.

Iwill use the district adopted music theory program, Making Music, as a resource in meeting California andNational Standards.  Since this is ourCentennial year, we will learn about composures and musicians that have createdmusic in the past 100 years.  We willperform a selection of those songs this spring during our CentennialCelebration.  In September, we began ourstudies by focusing on the Beatles’ music from the 1960’s.

Iwill implement a “Visiting Musician” program in which students, families andcommunity members can share their musical talents with the students.  If you, a family member, or a friend are a vocalistor play a musical instrument and would like to join us for an informalpresentation/performance, please contact me. Pete Mechalas, the guitarist from the Temple of the Dad, is alreadyscheduled as our first “Visiting Musician.”   I also hope to organize grade level or schoolassemblies that focus on music and musicians.

Speakingof “Temple of the Dad,” the band donated 10 ukuleles to Loma Portal’s musicprogram this year.  The children willhave the opportunity to learn beginning strumming and create original songs toplay on the ukuleles.

In order to ensure a safe and happy learningenvironment for every child we have three rules in Music Class.  They are:                      

            Makesafe choices

            Makekind choices

            Makesmart learning choices

Children will work toward earning a “Big Splash Award”which will be given to students who make positive choices in our Music Class.  I will maintain weekly communication with theclassroom teachers regarding student behavior. Theprogression of consequences for inappropriate behavior is: verbal warnings,time-out, restriction of privileges, and communication with the teacher,administrator, and/or parent.

Wehave many special projects planned that will require extra support in ourclass.  If you would like to be aparent/community volunteer for the music program, please contact me.  

Thisyear our school will be “Alive with the Sound of Music.”  We hope to sing a tribute song for ourVeteran’s Day celebration.  We areplanning a holiday sing-a-long during December.  We will perform a selection of songs thatrepresent the past 100 years for our Centennial Celebration this spring.  I am looking forward to an exciting yearlearning and singing with your children.       


SchoolPhone: 619-417-0962