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room 25Mrs. Magaudda

Site Contact Person:               Kelly Magaudda           

Contact Person email:            kmagaudda@sandi.net

                Phone:          619-223-1683 ext. 125

Grades: 3/4                       

Emphasis: Multidisciplinary with problem-solving, visual/performing arts, and technology focus  Teacher: Kelly Magaudda

The School Environment:            

Loma Portal educational community exists to inspire all students to realize and achieve their optimal potential to be productivity citizens in a global society.


Strongest Academic Programs:  Literacy, Mathematics, computer skills

Strongest Extracurricular Programs: Visual/Performing Arts, Physical Education

Curriculum modifications to provide depth, novelty and complexity:

Ongoing oral language growth through a variety of unique experiences

Curriculum compacting

Tiered lessons

Socratic Seminars driven by content curriculum and Kohlberg’s Moral Dilemmas

Independent study based on Renzulli’s Enrichment Model Type III

• Hilda Taba inductive thinking strategies

Opportunities for student choice and creative expression:

Flexibility of higher-level thinking assignments

Diverse computer-based experiences

• Comprehensive independent study program

Unique activities and approaches:

• Visual and performing arts integrated with core subjects

• Technology-based learning

• Simulations and role-playing to enhance the social studies curriculum