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Variety Show

Friday, March 9, 2018 - 5:00pm

Variety Show

Hi Dolphins!
Hope you're getting your act ready for the variety show! Auditions coming up after school. We are looking for all kinds of talent. Singing, dancing, tumbling, acting, etc. Auditions  will take place right after school. Check in will be in room 10. You need to sign up on sign up sheet in room 10. The order of auditions will be the order that you signed up. Auditions will be based upon your last name unless otherwise noted. If you're in a group number, pick a group leader and base it off of their last name. 

Things needed for auditions:
Music (CD) -  no more than 1.5 min long
SIGNED PERMISSION SLIP (will have extras at the audition)


******Auditions are more like an act review and not a try out. We are only reviewing to make sure the act is appropriate.  Anyone who auditions will make it to the show!****

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you at auditions!

Any questions? Mzmoniq@hotmail.com 
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