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School Site Council (SSC) and Site Governance Team (SGT)

School Site Council (SSC)

The SSC is an elected decision-making group comprised of parents, community members, site administrators, teachers and other staff. At the secondary level, students are included. The SSC has an ongoing responsibility to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate the site plan. The SSC also oversees all the categorical funds such as Title I, Second Language and GATE. All schools are required to have an SSC. Contact your site administrator or SSC chair if you are interested in joining.

Council Members


Mark Morici

Support Staff


Tauni Cobb-Aikin

Amy Kinseth (DAC)

StaffCarolyn Naughton
StaffAndrew Lincoln


Shaun McGinn (alternate)
ParentStasi McAteer (GATE)
ParentSiulan Morales
ParentMolly Broene
ParentJackie Jensen
ParentMichael Copley


Site Governance Team (SGT)


-The Governance Team is a shared decision making body required at each school by the San Diego Unified School District Board of Education.
-The teams meets regularly to discuss issues, gather input and make recommendations about topics affecting our school and our children.
-The team includes parents, teachers, classified staff, and the principal. The agendas are available for public review and the meetings are open to the public.
-Parents are welcome to call parent members with questions and concerns to be brought to the team.
-For more information, contact the office at (619)223-1683

The SGT members for 2019-2020 are:

Mark Morici - Principal

Tauni Cobb-Aikin - Support Staff

Bobbe Abts - Teacher, SDEA Union Rep

Sara Epperson - Teacher

Carrie Jiampa/Lizz Sather - Teacher

Amy Kinseth - Teacher

Andrew Lincoln - Teacher

Erika Lundeen - Teacher

Carolyn Naughton - Teacher

Stasi McAteer - Parent

Jackie Jensen - Parent

Molly Broene - Parent

Siulan Morales - Parent

Michael Copley - Parent


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