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School Safety

At Loma Portal Elementary School, we believe school safety to be of the utmost importance.  Our goal is to create learning environments in which students feel safe, secure, and confident. Below are some steps we have taken to ensure our students, staff, and family members are safe:

  • Our staff has been trained in SDUSD Lockdown Procedures and Emergency Preparedness drills/walkthroughs are scheduled regularly.  

  • Teachers have begun reviewing Lockdown and other procedures in their classrooms once per month to ensure our students are prepared for any unforeseen events.

  • Our campus is completely fenced in.

  • During the school day, there is only ONE entrance point to campus - the door to the Main Office, which is staffed at all times.  ALL visitors are required to sign in using the computer at the front desk.  All district staff wear ID badges and all visitors are REQUIRED to wear a Visitor sticker.

  • Officer Dan Westney of the SDPD regularly visits our campus to do safety checks and speak with our students and staff about school safety.

  • Regular presentations and informational sessions done by our San Diego Unified School Police Department focusing on school safety.

  • "Parent University" courses are scheduled once per month to discuss topics such as bullying, internet safety, and campus security.

  • Office John Ross of the SDUSD School Police Department is based out of Point Loma High School which is directly across Clove St.  Officer Ross has been on campus several times to check in and is a valuable resource.

  • Lock Bloks have been installed in all classroom doorways.  Lock Bloks allow ANY adult or child (including volunteers and other visitors to our campus) to lock the door by simply pushing a small tab.  This allows the door to be locked without having to leave the classroom.  Below is a link to a picture.  

Lock Blok Photo

Site Emergency Response Plan

LPE Emergency Procedures for Volunteers/Visitors