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Room 8 News
Welcome to a Fabulous year in Kindergarten!

School Hours
Our Loma Portal School hours are 8:20-2:40.
Thursday is our Minimum Day and school is dismissed at 12:35.
Our Daily Routine
I will pick our class up in the Kindergarten playground at 8:15.
Please have your child bring a snack with their name on it for recess. On Thursdays they bring their lunch or eat in the Cafeteria and don't need to bring a snack. Please let me know if your child has any food allergies.
Dismissal- 2:40 - Please arrive promptly to pick up your child. I will walk with them in the Room 8 Hall and will dismiss each student when I see their Parent, Guardian or designated person who picks up your child. Children whose parents are late are escorted to the Office and are supervised there until parents arrive. 
Discipline Policy
To ensure a safe learning environment we have the following rules.
I will follow directions.
I will keep my hands, feet and objects to myself.
I will use kind words and respect others.
Rewards for positive behavior will include verbal praise, smiles, awards, stickers and communication with the parent. Our class also earns beads in the jar and will have a celebration when the jar is filled.
Please label all personal items. (Sweaters, backpacks, coats, snack containers etc...)
 Please let me know in advance if you are bringing a treat so we can notify parents of students with food allergies or other medical conditions.
San Diego City Schools requires Homework at all grade levels. Your child will receive a Weekly Newsletter with a Homework packet attached. This is sent home on Monday and is due on Friday.