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September 2015

Dear Families, 

Welcome to Kindergarten at Loma Portal Elementary! It is so exciting to have your son/daughter in my kindergarten class. This will be a year full of great learning and accomplishment for each student! You will be amazed at how fast your child will grow academically and socially this year!

About Mrs. Plapp,

I graduated from Point Loma Nazarene University in 2003 and began teaching for San Diego City Schools. A few years later I decided to further my education at SDSU and earned a MA in Teaching with an emphasis on literacy.

Most of my career has been spent as a kindergarten teacher and I have to say, that it is my favorite grade to teach! I am thrilled to be a part of the fabulous staff and families of Loma Portal!  

Besides teaching, my other great love is my family-my husband, three wonderful boys, and my two beloved Miniature Australian Shepherds.


In the mornings supervision is provided from 8:00-8:15 on the kindergarten playground area. Please have your child line up (sitting down) on the kindergarten playground by the picnic tables. Students have a hook to hang their backpacks near our room.  Please send your child with a healthy snack in a sealed Ziploc bag labeled with their name every day except Thursday. (Please also make sure that all items you send to school are labeled.) Please also make sure your child goes to the bathroom before the first bell rings.

I will come to pick up the students at 8:15 when the first bell rings.  We will walk together to our hallway where our students will hang their backpacks, place their snacks in the snack bin and their folders in the folder bin. You may say good bye to your child on the kindergarten playground when I come or you may walk with them and say good bye in the kindergarten hallway.  The choice is yours. 


Rainy Day Arrival:

Kindergarten students come straight to class while other grades go to the auditorium.



Please pick up your child outside, in front of our classroom. Dismissal is at 2:40 except for Thursdays which is at 12:35p.m.  Please be prompt in picking up your child- we want to avoid making our students worried! J 


Please let me know how your child will be getting home on a regular basis.  If there is ever a change, the office and I need to be notified.  Please make sure to add anyone who will be picking up your child to the list in the office.  One of our safety policies at Loma Portal is that we do not release students to anyone that is not on the list.



We will eat a mid-morning snack daily except for Thursdays.  On Thursdays lunch is earlier so snack time is not necessary.  Please send a nutritious snack labeled with your child’s name in a zip lock bag daily.  I will collect the snacks and place them in the “Snack Basket” in the mornings. Please make sure snacks are nut-free for the protection of class members with allergies.

I also like to keep some extra individually packaged healthy nut free snacks for the students who forget their snacks from time to time. Feel free to bring some in from time to time.



Your child may either bring a lunch or purchase a lunch in the school cafeteria. If your child will be eating in the cafeteria, please help him/her to learn his/her cafeteria number. In order to avoid lost money, please put money directly into your child’s account.  This can be done in the office, the cafeteria, or online.



Please keep your children home when they are ill.  They will recover faster and it will help minimize the spread of illnesses. Please also inform the office when your child is absent.


School work and notices:

Please look in your child’s backpack each day. We send all school news by way of your child.  It is a district policy to have homework.  It helps build important life skills such as responsibility and it reinforces skills they are learning at school. 


I will send homework packets home on Mondays and they will be due the following Monday starting the first week in October. Please make sure all pages are complete. You can also expect a weekly parent letter stapled to the homework packet each week. Please read daily with your child for homework until the packets start coming home. If your child doesn’t know how to write their name this is something they should practice daily until homework starts.


I will send home a weekly letter that lets you know what we are working on and lets you know about upcoming events.  Please read these weekly.


I value open communication. I am usually available to talk after school in person, or by phone. I also welcome emails and notes sent in your child’s folder. Before school, however is a difficult time, as I am trying to prepare for the day.  



Parent conferences are in November. If you need to schedule one sooner, feel free to talk to me.  Open House will be on Thursday September 17th. I will go over curriculum and kindergarten expectations and answer any questions you may have.


Sharing Can:

When the share can comes home your child will need to pick out something to put into the can and write three clues describing the object. Your child will then share the clues with the class and the class will try to guess what is in the can.  The person with the share can will also be my helper of the day!



Birthdays are a special time! A small party favor or treat (healthy preferred) is welcomed but certainly not expected. If you do decide to send treats please coordinate with me ahead of time. Please remember to bring plates and napkins.  It is important not send anything that needs to be cut and served.  Packaged treats, cupcakes, cookies, etc. work better in the classroom. All treats need to be nut-free to help protect those with allergies.


Behavior Plan:

My class rules are:

  1. Respect yourself and others.
  2. Listen and follow directions.
  3. Be responsible.
  4. Try your best.

I like to reward positive behavior. In order to accomplish this I use the clip system. I have a color coded chart in my room (purple, green, yellow, and red).  If your child’s clip is on purple, he or she had a super day. Green signifies your child had a good day. Yellow means your child had at least one warning and red means he/she had a hard day. Students receive 2 Seuss Dollars for their stamp chart if they end the day on purple.  They receive 1 Seuss Dollar if they end the day on green.  The students earn prizes with their stamps. Please feel free to send any gently used toys that your family doesn’t want anymore—they will be a great addition to our prize bin!


If a situation arises that I feel needs parental support I will either send a note home.  Please sign and return the note the next day so I know you are aware of the situation and that you spoke to your child about appropriate behavior. Please, feel free to contact me if a concern arises.  I value open communication and want to work together to meet the needs of your child.


Special Classes: Students have P.E. and music on Wednesday.  Library and computer class will be on Thursdays. Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes on Wednesday... and shoes appropriate for running around and playing every day. Library books should be well taken care of and returned on Wednesday.


Room Needs:

I always welcome volunteers.  Please fill out a parent volunteer form and turn in a current TB test to the office.  Then we can schedule time for you to volunteer.  Consistent weekly schedules work best in kindergarten.  So please let me know what day and time will work for you.


I am so looking forward to partnering with your family in the education of your child.  We will learn and grow so much while having fun doing it!


With warmest regards,


Mrs. Plapp


Kindergarten Teacher Room 1

Loma Portal Elementary

(619) 223 1683