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Dear Loma Portal Parents,

Loma Portal parents and staff members voted to align our start time with otherschools in the Point Loma Cluster. The alignment of start times will allow ourcluster elementary schools the opportunity to share resources and ensureconsistency regarding academic expectations, strategies, and supports. Elementary and Middle schools will more closely align with the building of skills and information to prepare students for choices in college and career programs addressed at Point Loma High. Please follow this link to learn more about the benefits of alignment and the results of the community vote. http://tinyurl.com/plclusterstarttimevoteresults.

The 2016-17 Loma Portal Elementary start and end times are:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 8:20 am to 2:40 pm
  • Thursday - 8:20 am to 12:35 pm

The Principals in the Point Loma cluster collected feedback and concerns from our parent community and they are working together to develop strategies to support our families in the area of traffic safety, before/after school activities, and childcare.


Parents want to ensure their children can safely commute to and from school.

  • Creating Safe Drivers - Point Loma High School will coordinate with the California Highway Patrol to implement “Every 15 Minutes” - a program designed to support teen drivers with issues related to traffic safety and driving while distracted.
  • Reduced afternoon traffic on Chatsworth Blvd - Moving our end time from 3:20 pm to 2:40 pm will help students avoid the rush-hour traffic on Chatsworth associated with evening commuters leaving the area after work.

Child Care/After School Enrichment

Working parents have requested assistance with providing childcare for students afterschool. We explored a variety of ways we can assist families in this area:

  • Klassic Kids Fee-Based Program – Klassic Kids will provide a one-hour after school program. For questions or to register for Klassic Kids please contact Amy De Meules at ademeules@harmoniumsd.org 
  • YMCA PLAY Fee-Based Program - YMCA will provide an after school program for Loma Portal students. For questions regarding the YMCA after school program please contact Corey Robinson at 619-226-8888 or csrobinson@ymca.org
  • Other Fee-Based Programs - Loma Portal partners with a variety of community groups to provide students with access to after school programs on campus. We have partnered with:
    • Cheer/Dance - Charlene Dance
    • Chess - Excelsior Chess
    • Engineering & Robotics - Tech Know How
    • French - Fully French
    • Girl Scouts
    • Golf - TGA Premier Junior Golf
    • Hoops/Basketball - After School Hoops
    • Spanish - Bilingual Kids


Workingparents have requested assistance with identifying methods for commuting to andfrom schools within our cluster:

  • iCommute - Sponsored by SANDAG, iCommute is a free online tool that allows community members to form carpools and walking groups. Parents can create an account, enter Loma Portal Elementary address as your destination, and identify families in your area who want to collaborate on commuting to and from school. Follow this link for more information: http://www.icommutesd.com/
  • Identifying an agreed-upon meeting area - Regardless of start time, pick-up and drop off can be a challenge due to the volume of parents who attempt to park immediately in front of our school. We encourage parents to work with their students to identify an agreed upon spot within the immediate community to meet after school.

ThePoint Loma cluster schools are committed to preparing students for success andto supporting our families through the school transitions. We will continue toshare information with our parents as we develop methods for supporting youwith this transition. Please feel free to contact me with questions at rpenh@sandi.net.


Rebecca Penh


Loma Portal Elementary