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Monster Bash

Friday, October 27, 2017 - 5:00pm
Monster Bash Cake Contest Winner!
Congratulations to Ava Knoblock in Mrs. Kinseth's 4th grade class! She won the Monster Bash cake contest and a $20 gift card to Toys R Us! Ava's "eat your guts out" cake was truly scary and the judges loved it!
Congrats to all the students who decorated Monster Bash cakes! The cakes were AMAZING this year!! A list of all the cake winners is at the bottom of Loma Lines.

Monster Bash 2017 Cake Contest Winners
Grand Prize Winner: Ava Kate Knoblock - Kinseth's Classroom
Scariest Cakes
1st: Paula Luna - Jiampa
2nd: Olivia Benham- Jiampa
3rd: Will Torres - Knaplund/Southern
First Grade 
1st: Annika Drake - Dysart
2nd: Gavin Jones - Shamshoian-Brown
3rd: Abbey Smith - Shamshoian-Brown
Second Grade 
1st: Brenden Cahill - Breadmore
2nd: Georgia Ann Tonoian - Breadmore
3rd: Calvin Lubsen - Breadmore
Third Grade 
1st: Molly Curran - Turner
2nd: Juliet Nelson - Beddoes
3rd: Jesse Lawson - Beddoes
Fourth Grade
1st: Jaylee Alcantar - Kinseth
2nd: Abigail Valencia - McGinn
3rd: Ava Barnes - McGinn
Funniest/Cutest Cakes
1st: Oliver Palmiotto - Knaplund/Southern
2nd: Neve Hemphill - Marcus
3rd: Sofie Esquivel - Jiampa
First Grade 
1st: Channing Sanciprian - Shamshoian-Brown
2nd: Olivia Hansen - Epperson 
3rd: Sydney Vierling - Shamshoian-Brown
Second Grade 
1st: Bayla Goldman - Naughton
2nd: Sophie Saikaly - Breadmore
3rd: (no entries)
Third Grade 
1st: Jack Harrington - Beddoes
2nd: Corine & Lena Santoro - Beddoes & Turner
3rd: Lachlan Brown - Magaudda
Fourth Grade
1st: Sean Esquivel - McGinn
2nd: Ella Torres - Magaudda
3rd: Annabel Goldman - Magaudda
Most Creative Cakes
1st: Naomi Alvarez - Marcus
2nd: Marston Barnes - Marcus
3rd: Shea Waldron - Marcus
First Grade 
1st: Lani Miller - Epperson
2nd: Juliet Abell - Dysart
3rd: William Swartout - Dysart
Second Grade 
1st: Mason Trost - Naughton
2nd: Melanie - Breadmore
3rd: Rory & Malani Grabanski - Breadmore/Plapp
Third Grade 
1st: Sanae Blackwell - Turner
2nd: Holland Vierling - Magaudda
3rd: Ava McCahill - Magaudda
Fourth Grade
1st: Ashley Clair - McGinn
2nd: Lucas Choukri - McGinn
3rd: Hannah Cannon - McGinn