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Dear Parents,

It is important to us that wehonor each child’s special talents and abilities.  Fourth grade has created a program called Bean Expert.  Each child in fourth grade isgoing to be given the opportunity to share one of their special talents withthe class.

Is your child an expertchef?  Do they know how to dribble abasketball really well?  Maybe, they area terrific artist or musician? Now is their time to share this special talentwith the rest of their class.

Each Friday, one student willbe scheduled to present their Be an Expert project.  Each child will present once during theschool year.  They will be given 30minutes of class time on Friday from 2:30-3:00pm (the last Friday of each monthis 2:00-2:30pm).  The following pagescontain a more detailed schedule and description of what the project shouldlook like.  But, there is a lot of roomto flex those creative muscles.

Your child is the “expert”but they still need your support and guidance when creating the project.  Please work with them in the weeks leading upto the project, and please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher ifyou have any questions or thoughts.

Please click the link belowto use the Sign-up Genius to select a Friday time slot this year.  Students whose parents do not sign up will beassigned a time slot by their teacher.




You or your child will needto talk with their teacher the week prior to the presentation in order todiscuss their topic, format, and any materials that might be needed.  A final check in during the week of theirpresentation is a good idea too.

Although these presentationsaren’t graded and put on the report card, the sense of community it develops inthe classroom and the leadership experience it provides is invaluable.  Plus, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

We are so looking forward to seeingyour child shine!  Please let us know ifyou have any further questions.

Your Fourth Grade Team,

Shaun McGinn and Amy Kinseth



30 Minute Presentation Format (Times AreApproximate)

10 minutes: Introduction

          During the first part of the presentation, the student willtalk to the class about their talent. How did they learn their skill? What got them started?  What madethem want to continue their learning?  Ofcourse, you can discuss other ideas, as well, but this will get you started.

         This can take the form of a rehearsed speech to the class, aPowerPoint, a poster presentation, or anything you can think of.  Be creative!

10 minutes: Demonstrate Your Skill

          A big part of the Be an Expert presentation is demonstratinga skill to the class.  This is where yourchild will show us the skill that they are so proud of.  This, of course, can take many forms.  It could be something like a musicalinstrument they bring in and play for the class.  It could be a video/dvd of a special game orperformance they’ve had.  It could evenbe something they try to teach the class how to do, like yoga poses or maybeeven another language.

         The idea here is that there is a lot of freedom for how touse this time.  Just be sure to check withyour child’s teacher.


10 Minutes: Conclusion/Clean-Up

         This is the wrap up portion of the project.  During this portion, your child will be ableto answer all those questions that the class will have.  If a small mess was made, this is when thekids would also help clean up.

         All of the times and segments of this project are flexible,with the exception of the 30 minute overall time.  If you have other ideas for formatting yourchild’s particular presentation, feel free to talk to your child’s teacher anddiscuss them.  We are open to all sortsof fun, creative ideas!

          Please remember that these presentations are not to beoff-the-cuff.  They are expected to beplanned well ahead of time and kids are expected to practice, practice,practice.  We are looking forward toseeing amazing talents this year! 

Here's Mrs. Kinseth's PowerPoint to get an example of the introduction. 
olivia olivia olivia  
                                                   Olivia's Be an Expert Presentation:  she showed us she's an expert at sewing!!
tn tn tianna  
                                                                 Tianna's Be an Expert Presentation:  she's a great pianist!! 
Here is Tianna's PowerPoint and the mp3 of her playing piano. 
 maria tamobourine presentation
                                                                Maria shared her love of Capoera.  Wow, she's great!! 
Here is Maria's PowerPoint of Capoera.  Check out the video she embedded in the presentation.  How amazing is she?!?!
be be  bw
Here's Alejandra's PowerPoint  about drawing.  She did great!
Nick didn't do a PowerPoint.  He took us all outside to the turf to watch him catch and pitch.  He was great!
1  2 3
Want to see more???  Here's a link to my Google Drive with pictures and videos.  Enjoy!!