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After School Programs for 2018-19!

Here at Loma Portal Elementary, we are lucky to have several activities available for students to take part in.  The activities below are not school/SDUSD programs but are offered on our campus after school 1 day per week. 

View the Peach Jar Electronic Flyers link  (on LP website homepage) to learn more about these programs, more info on program times here.

2018-19 Afterschool programs being offered at Loma Portal:

  • "Bilingual Kids" Spanish program (Mondays) - Info Here

  • Monart art program (Tuesdays)

  • Kids Fit Soccer (Tuesdays)

  • Golf (Tuesdays)

  • "One on One" Basketball (Thursdays)

  • Charlene's Dance and Cheer (Thursdays)

  • Musical Theater (Thursdays)

  • Kids Fit Basketball (Thursdays)

  • Ballet (Fridays)

  • "Fully French" French program (Fridays)

  • YMCA Play (Everyday)

  • TGA Junior Golf (TBD)

  • "Your Court" Tennis (TBD)

  • Girls on the Run (Mondays & Weds)