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Recognizing and awarding the good behavior and the good choices that students make is vital to the success of our school. The Super Student program is a way for us to reinforce and reward the positive behavior of our students.  

Students qualify for Super Student status when, for two-weeks in a row, they:

  1. Have perfect attendance.
  2. Do not miss a homework assignment.
  3. Have good behavior status in class.

When a student has reached this goal, he or she will receive a Super Student badge. Students pin their badge in a visible place, most preferably on their shirt. The school will plan for different ways to recognize the students. Each teacher can also decide how they will recognize or reward their Super Students in their classroom.

If a Super Student misses a homework assignment, makes bad behavior choices, or has an unexcused absence, they will lose their badge and will have to begin the two-week cycle again.

Ask your child if they are a Super Student, or how close they are to becoming one. This is a great way for us to celebrate our terrific students!