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Preparing the Room

DO cover or take down all instructional visuals/ supports before the first day of testing.
DO post TESTING IN SESSION on outside door.
DO post NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES/CELL PHONES allowed during testing in a place visible to students. 
DO record absent students names on the purple make-up log. 
DO return purple make-up log daily to  the front office after testing, so the absence can be recorded. 

Administering the Field Test

2) Choose TA interface
3) Log-in 
4) Choose "select all"
5) Choose start session 
6) Copy the test session ID onto your whiteboard
7) Have students log-in with their username, SSID, and the test session ID. 
8) Have students choose the correct test, as per testing schedule
9) Verify that each student has chosen the correct test
10) Individually approve students that they are in the right test. 
11) Read the testing script (found in your testing folder) and begin testing. 
Note: Test Session ID is only live for 20 minutes; if you wait longer to start the session, it will become invalid. 

Practice Test Resources

SBAC Videos for Students

What is a Field Test? [5:52 minutes]
Let's Talk Universal Tools [14:07 minutes] 

SBAC Videos for Teachers

Ipad Issues

If an iPad complains that it does not have Guided Access enabled you can manually activate Guided Access by following the directions here (see pages 4-6): http://www.sandi.net/schools/sites/default/files_link/schools/files/Domain/102/sbac/SBAC_iPad_AppLock_v3.pdf

Many iPad issues can be resolved by restarting the iPad, otherwise known as a "hard reset". To do so, hold down the Home button together with the Power button (top right side of iPad) until the iPad restarts. You will see an apple logo in the middle of the screen.
Environment is not Secure Your Test will be Paused (Small Number of iPads Affected)
Description:  This error message may pop up while students are actively taking the test and the test will automatically pause.
Possible Solution:  The test will pause when this is encountered and the student should log out and log back in.