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School Site Council (SSC)

The SSC is an elected decision-making group comprised of parents, community members, site administrators, teachers and other staff that provides oversight of the academic planning and budgeting process associated with federally - and state-funded compensatory education programs, including Title 1, Title 1 Parent Involvement, and Limited English Proficient programs. At the secondary level, students are included. The SSC has an ongoing responsibility to develop, implement, monitor, analyze data, and evaluate the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) in order to meet the needs of all students. The SSC also oversees all the categorical funds such as Title I, Second Language and GATE. All schools are required to have an SSC. Contact your site administrator or SSC chair if you are interested in joining. The School Site Council is required at all schools in the San Diego Unified School District. 

Council Members

Principal   Mr. Michael Beraud
Classroom Teacher      Mrs. Julie Bingham
Classroom TeacherMrs. Roberta Solorzano
Classroom TeacherMr. Allen Glitch
CounselorDr. Raymond Trigg
ParentsMrs. Sanches, Mrs. Olivares, Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Ortiz, Mrs. Zapateo