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Transcript Information and Transfer Request Form


Registrar: Suzana Valis


Location: Room 146


Phone: (619) 266-6500 Ext. 2146


Email: svalis@sandi.net


Information for Lincoln High School Seniors (and students needing transcripts for jobs):

No fee is required for current students.  Please email Registrar to verify eligibility at svalis@sandi.net.  Former Lincoln students may receive the first 2 transcripts and/or verifications at no cost.  If you need additional copies a fee of $3.00 per copy made.   Fee is paid to the Financial Clerk - Administration Office.  You may pay the fee in cash or money order (money order payable to Lincoln High School - Transcripts)

For current Lincoln High School students to send an electronic transcript (COMMON APPLICATION Schools)

  • 1. Register or sign onto Navience
  • 2. Fill out Privacy Form on Naviance
  • 3. Click on the "College" tab
  • 4. Click on "Colleges I'm applying to"
  • 5. Check "Yes" I waive my right to access
  • 6. Authorize secondary school report (check box)
  • 7. Fill in Common Application user name (type carefully and make sure it matches the user name you have been using as you fill out the Common Application).
  • 8. Fill in the Common Application password (your password - type carefully and make sure it matches the password you have been using as you fill out the Common Application).
  • 9. Click "Submit"

Former Students - Transcripts for former students for Lincoln High School, Gompers -Pre GPMA Charter or Wright Brothers School; you may need to do the following:

  • Transcript Request Form (the form to be processed, MUST be fully completed)
  • Transcript fee $3.00 each (official or unofficial) Former Students Only
  • Pre-Addressed Postage Paid Envelope (or a money order for $3.50 to include the stamp cost)
  • Driver license, military or passport: Must provide a photo copy that includes your birthday and signature
  • You must indicate the complete address on BOTH the Transcript Request Form and on the pre-addressed postage paid envelope
  • Ms Valis' duties are to serve the community in regard to general information about the school, transcripts, evaluating out of district or out of country transcripts, graduation requirements. Any questions regarding these subjects, you may call at (619) 266-6500 ext 2146 or e-mail: svalis@sandi.net.

To print the Transcript Request Form CLICK HERE

If you need more information, please e-mail Ms. Suzana Valis at svalis@sandi.net