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Registrar's Reminders

Registrar: Suzana Valis
Administration Building - Room 146
Telephone: (619) 266-6500 Ext. 2146
email: svalis@sandi.net
The Lincoln High School Registrar, Ms. Valis, is the contact person for transcripts and records.
To ensure a smooth college application process, please don't forget these important items:
  • If you are applying to private colleges, speak to your counselor and make them aware that you are applying to private schools that require a recommendation. See your counselor at least 4 weeks before your actual deadline.
  • Pay Attention To All Deadlines. The deadline to guarantee Secondary Reports get mailed by January 1 is 4-5 weeks prior to winter break so make an effort to turn in forms in advance of the deadline. Listen carefully to the bulletin for the actual deadline date. For 2012, the deadline is November 15. Please do not wait until the last day to turn in forms! Please be turn them in as early as possible!
  • Log on to Naviance and fill out your resume and student information. Make sure your parents fill out the parent input form on Naviance. Do this in the early fall - or better yet, over the summer. Your counselor needs this information to write a strong letter of recommendation.
  • Transcripts are ordered via Naviance. Please see "Transcript Information" for step by step directions for ordering transcripts.
  • If you are applying to schools using the Common Application, follow the instructions under "Transcript Inforamtion" that allows the school to electronically transmit your transcript and secondary report. Turn in ONE copy of the secondary report (along with $1.00 for each transcript you ordered) to the Registrar by the stated deadline. This can be done prior to completing and submitting the Common Application.
  • If you applying to private schools that do not use the Common Application, copy the secondary report for each school to which you are applying. If more than one page, copy the secondary report back-to-back and put your name at the top of each page. Paper clip together and turn in to the Registrar along with a stamped #10 envelope addressed to each school. You will also need to pay her $1.00 for each transcript.
  • If you change your mind about applying to a school after turning in your paperwork, please inform the Registrar so she won't send out your secondary reports or transcripts to that school!
Do you have questions about the college application process? See your counselor.
Do you have questions about transcripts?  See the Registrar either before school, after school or at lunch!