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President Service Award

President Service Award

The Presidential Service Award is given to outstanding student volunteers. It rewards community service accomplishments and also looks great on college applications. For more information on the award, visit http://www.presidentialserviceawards.gov/index.cfm.

  • 100-174 hours - Bronze Level, 
  • 175-249 hours - Silver Level, 
  • 250 or more hours - Gold Level. 

This opportunity is available to all interested students. Students are eligible to receive the award once every 12 months (you cannot get more than one award in one 12-month period/year); the cycle goes from January to January. You can earn awards year-round. Whenever you become eligible for an award during the year, you can request one.

All recipients's names will be posted on this page. At the end of first semester, all awards will be distributed at once.

How to

1. Create a Record of Service here:https://www.presidentialserviceawards.gov/tgact/ros/dspROSlogin.cfmto track your hours. Start entering and recording your hours immediately. Keep this up-to-date. Also, keep any certifying documents needed to verify your hours.
 to your online account. This links your Record of Service to Lincoln High School, the Certifying Organization.

2. When you reach any of the levels and become eligible for an award, add the Record of Service Key HSC-38862
3. Request nomination for the award that you want.
4. Place your certifying documents and $5 in an envelope with your name and contact information (email and phone number) written on it. Bring this to any MNU meeting at lunch (except Halloween, January 23rd). Give the envelope to any Model United Nations officer or email. This envelope will NOT be returned to you.
5. Your hours will be certified, and an email will be sent to you to congratulate you. Your name will appear in the "Award Recipients" section on this page. At this point, you can consider yourself as having received the award, and you can include this award on any resumes or college applications.
6. At the end of first semester, the physical awards for all recipients will be ordered and distributed.
7. Congratulations and thank you!


1. Can I use my hours from different school Clubs?
YES! Most definitely. Those are included in your hours, for sure.

2. What kinds of verification documents work?
Papers signed by supervisors to show that you volunteered are good, statements from advisors or teachers work also. Generally though, Lincoln High School will use the honor system. Please don't fabricate hours for this; it is unfair to those who genuinely deserve this award.

3. Where can I volunteer and earn hours?
There are many different volunteer opportunities! Events/hours do not have to be sanctioned by Lincoln High School (you don't need to be in a club). Popular places to volunteer include: public libraries, Lincoln High School Clubs, Teen Court San Diego, Recreation Centers, Historical Society, National Charity League, Math Team tutoring, and many more.

Award Recipients


Below are Lincoln High School's Presidential Service Award recipients.