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12th Grade Planning

12th Grade College Calendar


August -

♦ Begin to think about essay subjects now, before you feel overwhelmed. Essay prompts from schools should be posted online (check individual school applications)
♦ Develop a detailed college application plan with a calendar, noting deadlines for applications and scholarships as dates vary by school

September -
♦ Register for Oct/Nov/Dec SAT and/or ACT with writing tests if you have not taken them or are not satisfied with your scores.
♦ Fill out the "Authorization to Release Student Information to Colleges" form and turn in to the Registrar
♦ If you plan to apply to any college under "Early Decision" or "Early Action" talk to your counselor asap!
♦ Colleges send reps to visit Lincoln High School; sign up via Naviance to attend meetings (there is a limit of 5/student)
♦ Begin application process; follow your plan and adjust as necessary
♦ Attend Senior Applications Seminars during lunch - watch bulletin for dates and locations
♦ Direct standardized test scores to colleges if you haven’t already done so
♦ If applying “early decision”, ask teachers for recommendations and follow instructions on Lincoln High School website under Registrar for turning in secondary report information by deadlines

October -
♦ Finish research on colleges and finalize your list, noting deadlines and required admission information
♦ If schools on your list have rolling admission, apply early in order to hear back early.
♦ Ask teachers for recommendations
♦ Research scholarships and apply
♦ Retake standardized tests if desired
♦ Order transcripts via Naviance. Bring fee and envelopes (if needed) to registrar for transcripts and secondary reports. More information on Lincoln High School website - Registrar
♦ Obtain FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) personal identifying numbers for students and parents
via FAFSA website: http://www.pin.ed.gov/PINWebApp/pinindex.jsp
♦ Send in any Early Action or Early Decision Applications (deadline is November 1)
♦ Attend Lincoln High School CSU/UC Application Workshops
♦ If you are an athlete and plan to play a sport In college, register for NCAA

November -
♦ November 1 is deadline for many Early Action/Decision applications
♦ Watch school bulletin (or check school website under Registrar) for deadlines for ordering   transcripts and submitting fees and secondary reports to the Registrar
♦ Finish rough drafts of essays and applications and have them proofread
♦ Continue preparing and submitting applications, making sure all parts are filled out accurately. You may wish to print anything you submit electronically.
♦ Keep your grades up - schools look at senior year semester and end of year grades
♦ UC application period: Nov.1 – 30. Submit application well prior to the deadline
♦ CSU application period: October 1 - Nov. 30. Submit application well prior to deadline
♦ Fill out CSS Profile or Financial Aid supplement if you apply to any private colleges

December -
♦ Retake SAT/ACTs if desired - December tests are the last ones accepted by most colleges.
♦ Send test scores to all colleges to which you apply
♦ CAL grant applications and FAFSA forms available online
♦ ROTC applications due
♦ Attend financial aid workshop at Lincoln High School

January -
♦ Many regular application deadlines occur this month, on the 1st or 15th – submit prior to the deadlines!
♦ Fill out and file FAFSA
♦ Order mid-year reports (transcripts) via Naviance and turn in transcript fee and mid-year report form to Registrar
♦ Research local scholarships
♦ Schedule your senior exhibition, a graduation requirement
♦ If you are male and over 18, you must register with the Selective Service in order to be eligible for financial aid.
♦ Registrar gathers CAL Grant information and confirms accuracy with students in class (January and February) — make sure student’s know their Social Security Number.

February -
♦ If you completed the FAFSA, you will receive your SAR (Student Aid Report). Review and make any necessary corrections based on current parent tax information.
♦ Write thank you notes to all who wrote you letters of recommendation
♦ Be sure to review and correct student’s Social Security Number on all documents
♦ Continue to look for scholarships and apply before deadlines

March -
♦ If applying to community college check school website for application and sign up for any needed placement tests.
♦ Contact colleges with any new information – if you have had a change in schedule or receive a D or F grade
♦ March 2 is CAL Grant deadline date – Registrar will have submitted information prior to this date
♦ Obtain LJHS Scholarship Foundation application from counseling office
♦ Rotary/Riford Scholarship applications due
♦ Watch for Student Aid Report (SAR) giving amount of student aid for which you are eligible. Make sure your colleges receive it. Keep the original.
♦ Register for AP tests at Lincoln High School

April -
♦ Hear from colleges and decide where you want to go. Compare financial aid and scholarship offers.
♦ If wait-listed at the a school and you decide to wait for an opening, contact the school to let them know you are still interested
♦ Submit applications to community college and attend orientation.
♦ CSU and UC schools will notify you if you must take their placement tests.
♦ When you decide which school to attend, notify them by your letter of commitment (or Statement of Intent to Register – SIR) – sent by the deadline, usually May 1.

May -
♦ Notify school of choice by May 1 deadline – send in deposit and submit housing information
♦ Take Advanced Placement exams
♦ Order final transcripts via Naviance; deliver envelopes and payment to Registrar. Make sure you send one final transcript to yourself at your home address and keep for your records.

June -
♦ Attend advising days, open houses, orientation and registration offered by your college.
♦ Send thank you notes for any scholarships you have received.