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Counselor Contact Information


Counselors will assist students by students' grade level
The best way to contact your student’s counselor is by email. In most cases, counselors are meeting with students, parents, and staff and are unable to answer their phones directly. However, you are also welcome to leave a phone message.

If you have specific questions about grades in you student’s courses or would like to set up a parent Teacher conference, then contact the teacher(s) directly. Counselors do not have specific information pertaining to the student’s individual grades. Teacher contact information can be accessed here: https://www.sandiegounified.org/schools/lincoln/staff-directory.

Most grades and attendance are posted on PowerSchool Parent Portal here: https://powerschool.sandi.net/public/home.html . If you are experiencing difficulty creating an account then contact Gina Montijo at 619-266-6500 x2601 or email gmontijo-garcia@sandi.net . Also be aware that parents and students may check the teachers’ website for more information concerning specific course information.