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How to Enroll at Lincoln High School

Contacts for Enrollment

Administration/Main Office        
Cathy Dominguez(619) 512-9159 cdominguez1@sandi.net
Rosa Gallardo(619) 500-6392 rgallardo1@sandi.net
Yolanda Garcia(619) 512-3738 ygarcia@sandi.net
Vella Jarvis(619) 483-1993 ejarvis@sandi.net
Michelle Mitchell(619) 512-9321 mmitchell@sandi.net
Records Office /Room 107   
Elizabeth Maderias(619) 512-2857  emaderias@sandi.net

Enrollment process takes place Monday-Friday.

How to Enroll at Lincoln High School 

Where do I enroll?
• To identify your neighborhood school, please utilize School Finder or call (619) 725-5668.

What are my other options?
Enrollment Options/School Choice

How do I enroll my child at Lincoln?
Please visit THE PARENT HIVE to register online.  Have the following information available when applying online in order to process the enrollment and place the student appropriately:

  • Parent/Guardian and student must be present. Guardians must provide legal proof of guardianship.
  • Current transcripts from previous school site. No report cards. (this does not apply to incoming 9th graders)
  • Copy of Immunization records. Evidence of current T-dap vaccination is REQUIRED.
  • Birth Certificate (not hospital souvenir certificate)
  • Language Assessment (If applicable)
  • Copy of current I.E.P. (If applicable)
  • Any standardized test scores from previous years (If applicable)
  • Two current proofs of residence. Please provide copies as they will be retained by the school. Acceptable proof may be from the following:
  1. Copy of recent utility bill SDG&E (gas & electric), home phone, water or cable
  2. Copy of rental agreement or rent payment receipts
  3. Copy of property tax payment receipts
  4. Copy of mortgage documents
  5. Copy of military housing orders
  6. Declaration of Residency w/utility bill
  7. Notice of action