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The AVID Elective is first and foremost a college readiness course. Students are selected for this course because they show potential to not only enroll and succeed in rigorous courses, but to be on track to attend any college.  Students in the AVID Elective enroll in rigorous courses and receive the support needed to succeed in those courses by building and practicing study skills, developing tutorial teams, and emphasizing organizational strategies. In addition, students enrolled in the AVID elective go through the college application process in a structured and collaborative atmosphere--writing personal statements, completing applications, reviewing scholarships, and filling out the FAFSA.

Lincoln hopes to build the AVID program by encouraging teachers to use AVID Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organizational, and Reading strategies in their content area classrooms.  In addition, we plan to add AVID Elective courses at all grade levels.

Ms. Leah Gray, AVID Coordinator

Teachers' contact information:

Dier, Chris

Room 369. AVID periods 3 & 4.
619-266-6500 Ext. 2369 
Course syllabus

Hash, Jonathan

Room 348. AVID periods 2 & 3.
619-266-6500 Ext. 2348         
Course syllabus


 Ochoa, Eduardo

Room 553. AVID periods 1 & 2.
619-266-6500 Ext. 2553         
Course syllabus


Syhanath, AJ

Room 373. AVID period 4.
619-266-6500 Ext. 2373         
Course syllabus