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About Lincoln Connected

Lincoln Connected is a monthly series of documentary films that expand beyond the classroom to create a collaborative learning environment. Students connect with the community through watching customized documentaries about topics that keeps Lincoln connected with social issues. Following the film, there is a student-led discussion with faculty, parents and community members. The conversations after the film support self-reflection, analysis and understanding of other viewpoints. Stereotypes are discussed and what our social responsibility is for a better world.

Lincoln Connected occurs outside of the typical school day, giving students flexibility to supplement their classroom learning on topics that matter in our world. These documentary films are the touchstone of Lincoln Connected, a hybrid where much of the learning happens with a small circle of students, faculty and parents. Lincoln Connected takes place the last Thursday of each month in the Performing Arts Center from 5:30-7P. Attendance is free and open to students, parents, faculty and staff.

We pride ourselves here at Lincoln with staying at the forefront of social issues and bringing educational awareness to our learning community. Any viewpoints expressed in the documentary films are not the opinion of staff and faculty at Lincoln or anyone in the San Diego Unified School District. These film viewings serve as a platform to give students a safe space to talk candidly about their vision and thoughts on important topics. We also recognize the value of adapting those topics to meet our community priorities and values.

The vision for Lincoln Connected came from Kamelia Farokhi, who wanted to combine the benefits of educational documentaries and in-class learning, while retaining a high level of community interaction. The students participating in these discussion panels are the ones that are going to thrive from being the future generation of voters and possibly political representatives in our community. Students that are mature, self-reliant, and eager to learn will benefit and are well-suited to have focused, fascinating discussions about becoming “informed citizens.”

The Lincoln Connected film series illustrates how interconnected our community really is. We foster even deeper connections through the collaborative, inspiring learning opportunity it offers. We are committed to building connections, not just between students, but amongst all members of our community. The intricate web of connections each of us weaves here can profoundly impact our lives. Connections open up opportunities for our students for internships, college, and careers. They enrich the experience of parents who engage with one another and with our faculty and staff. Most importantly, connections are what make Lincoln ours—all of ours—for now and always.