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10th Grade Sample Schedule

10th Grade Planning

 HS RequirementsCSU RequirementsUC Requirements
English4 years4 years4 years
Math3 years3 years3 years
(4 recommended)
Social Studies3 years2 years2 years
Science2 years2 years2 years
(3 recommended)
World Language 2 years2 years
(3+ recommended)
Arts 1 year1 year
Electives13 semesters1 year1 year


  • SAT I or ACT with writing
  • SAT I Core: Critical Reading, Math, Writing
  • SAT II - 2 subjects
    • Math 2 C
    • History
    • Literature
    • Lab Science
    • Languages other than English

Student Checklist

  • Participate in extracurricular activities
    • Clubs, athletics, summer programs, community service
  • Think about career area(s); investigate colleges
  • Be serious about your grades and courses
  • Take college prep, advanced & AP courses
  • Keep in mind A-G requirements

Sample 4 Year Schedule

 Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
4Foreign LanguageForeign LanguageForeign LanguageFine Arts
5PEWorld HistoryUS HistoryGovernment / Economics