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Student Cell Phone Use

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Inappropriate use of mobile phones by pre-teens creates a never ending myriad of issues both at home and at school. Too often, children write and post pictures about one another that are harmful and have long lasting consequences.  Scientific research shows that the frontal lobes of our preteens’ brains are not fully developed, which contributes to the impulsive and often inappropriate choices kids can make, related to social media. Also, it is not uncommon that many children go to bed with their phone next to their head, staying up all hours of the night, chatting and/or accessing the web.

From my perspective, the majority of students at Lewis do not have filters on their phones, allowing them complete access to the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s also apparent that many of our children communicate inappropriate texts and photos to one another at home and in school using applications such as Snapchat, that automatically erases photos and texts every 24 hours.

So… what can you do about this???

The phone your child uses is paid for and therefore controlled by you.  One of most simple and cost free ways to control mobile usage is by going into the settings and adjusting the filters using a password created by you. Your mobile device carrier can assist if requested.

Recently however, a parent shared with me an On-line App that looks to have a lot of potential. For a minimal fee this App allows you to easily link your child’s phone to yours, allowing you to set up custom restrictions anytime and anywhere. The App is called, Kidslox, and gives you the opportunity of a free trial before paying a fee. Please know that I cannot endorse or be responsible for anything related to use of this outside party software.

The list below is of some of the most widely used cell phone monitoring apps and may offer a free trial.  I encourage you to take a few moments of your time and give these apps a look:

 Thank you,

Mr. Callahan


Lewis Middle School