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Microscope Science Course Descriptions

Science 6: Earth Science:   This full year Earth Science course is in alignment with the California State Standards. Using laboratory experiments, teacher demonstrations, textbook readings, classroom activities and i21 computer technology, students will explore the basics of Earth Science.  Throughout the curriculum, a strong emphasis is placed on the scientific method, metric measurement, scientific writing, and the use of technology. 
Science 7: Life Science: This year-long course combines science and technology throughout the year.  The exploration of life science concepts are taught through the use of laboratory experiments, classroom demonstrations, scientific writing, and self-reflection. The science curricula are in alignment with the content and performance standards of the State of California.  The topics for the course are Cell Biology, Genetics, Structures and Functions of living things, Evolution, and Scientific Investigation.  An emphasis is on critical thinking, unifying concepts, scientific writing, and the scientific method.  Seventh grade students may take part in an enrichment field trip.

Science 8: Physical Science: This year-long course is designed to acquaint students with physical science through various methods. Students will learn about States of Matter, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Chemistry of Life, Density, Buoyancy, Motion, Forces, and Science Investigation through demonstrations, cooperative learning groups, labs, and research. An emphasis will be placed upon critical thinking skills, preparation for high-school science, and collaboration with others to understand basic concepts of physical science. The course meets California State Standards for the 8th grade Science. Students will then be able to understand their role and impact on an ever-changing world.

California State Science Standards

Ways you can support the Science Department

The Science Department is in need of the following materials:

  • straws
  • scotch tape
  • large glue sticks
  • rubbing alcohol
  • large bottles of hand sanitizer
  • latex gloves
  • facial tissue
  • zip sandwich bags
  • distilled water
  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • aluminum foil
  • wax paper
  • back issues of science magazines
  • subscriptions for science magazines
  • guest speakers about science related topics and careers