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Hello and welcome to the Lewis Physical Education web site! Here you can learn more about our physical education program.
P.E. teachers include Dave Konarska, Patti McCormick, Connie Milam, and Kevin Eiselman.PE Teachers, Mr. Eiselman and Ms. Milam

Physical Education

Physical education in the San Diego Unified School District plays an integral role in providing a balanced education for the whole child. Physical education makes a unique contribution to the total educational process by addressing the knowledge (cognitive), social (affective), as well as physical (psychomotor) development and skills of each child. According to the National Association of Sport and Physical Education, “The goal of physical education is to develop physically educated individuals who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.” In January 2005, the State Board of Education adopted the Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schools, which serve as the foundation for instruction at all grade and course levels. These standards provide a comprehensive vision of what students need to know and be able to do at each grade and course level in the state of California. The Physical Education Model Content Standards for California Public Schoolsaffirms the standing of physical education as an academic content area. The standards highlight the fact that participation in physical activity is not the same as learning the content in physical education. The 2009 California Physical Education Framework provides the necessary guidance and support with regard to effective instruction and assessment practices so that every student can meet or exceed their grade- and course-level standards.

The P.E. program at Lewis offers many different activities that are aligned to the California Physical Education Framework. These include; over- the- line, wallball, racquetball, physical fitness, pickleball, relay races, ultimate frisbee , team handball,  volley tennis, golf (practice), and tug-o-war. Modified sports include; basketball, softball, soccer, track and field, and flag football.
If you are interested in seeing what a student needs to have, then please refer to the list at the bottom of the page.
For grading scales and policies please see the P.E. Syllabus.


Students are responsible for taking their P.E. uniform home on Friday, washing it, and returning it clean on Monday.  PE uniforms will be checked for cleanliness each week. There are also checks to make sure that students have everything they need. Students need to have an alternate uniform in their locker.  This consists of a T-shirt and pair of shorts or sweatpants.  These can be any color and can be worn on days that the student forgets their uniform.  The shirt and shorts must be within the school dress code.  During cold weather sweatpants and sweatshirts (not jackets) are recommended, but not required.
The school has areas for playing basketball, football, soccer, running, baseball, softball, tennis, and various other variations of these sports. Tournaments are often held giving the students a chance to have fun and get in shape at the same time.
Students should have the following items in order to participate in Lewis's Physical Education program.
Gray PE shirt
Royal blue PE shorts
Alternate T-shirt and shorts or sweatpants

Athletic shoes, with laces or velcro straps

New PE uniforms may be purchased from the financial office. Used uniforms are available in PE offices for $1 for shorts and $2 for shorts. If you do not wish to purchase clothing from Lewis, students can bring a gray T-shirt and blue shorts or sweatpants from home.  Sweatpants may be worn in place of shorts.

Alternate T-shirt and shorts 

Alternate uniform - shorts or sweatpants and T-shirt - these can be any color.
An alternate uniform can be worn when a student forgets their regular uniform.
It is very important that this stay in their lockers. It should NOT be brought home
at the same time as their PE clothes. Something should STAY in the student's locker!
Combination locks are not necessary because our lockers have built in locks