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Parent Concern Process Information

Lewis Middle School strives to have every student receive a top notch educational experience, however there are times when parents have concerns about school.  If you have a concern about your child's education at Lewis the process is as follows:
1. Contact the teacher directly via phone or email. If you need the teacher's contact info it is located here.
2. If you do not receive a prompt response or the matter is still unresolved, contact a Vice Principal. For students with last names A-L please contact Michelle Vergne and for students with last names M-Z you will contact Marina Garcia, at 619-583-3233 ext. 2219.
3. After meeting or consulting with a Vice Principal, please contact Principal Callahan if the matter was not satisfactorily resolved.  Please call the Prinicpal's Secretary at 619-583-3233 ext. 2202.
3. If you still feel that the matter needs attention, you may file a complaint with the SDUSD Quality Assurance Office by clicking here