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Welcome to Lewis Middle School Special Education Department page.

Here at Lewis, we currently have 1 Moderate/Severe class. Functional math, language arts, science and social studies as well as life skills are taught in this class. We have started a program called Circle Of Friends which encourages social interaction with the general education population at Lewis. Some students do go out to the general education classes and often they do community based instruction.

We have 4 Mild/Moderate teachers who teach a variety of things. We mostly collaborate or co-teach with general education teachers in math and English at all levels. There is a study skills class in 8th grade as well. We have also started Reading Intervention class for 6-8th graders and a Math intervention class for 6th-8th graders. Our team works well with the general education teachers at our school and have made giant gains in state testing for students who have disabilities. 

We also have a School Psychologist that works here 5 days a week to help with interventions, counseling and assessments.