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GATE at Lewis Middle School

The mission of Lewis Middle School is to prepare our students academically and socially for high school and beyond.  Lewis Middle School implements the District’s GATE Cluster Model B which comprises of 25% minimum GATE identified students in English and History classes, with the remainder of the class reflecting the diversity of our school.  This provides all students with classrooms that are engaging, full of depth, complexity and challenge, in all content areas. In our GATE Seminar program, a minimum 50% in each class is comprised of students identified as GATE Seminar; the remaining students in the class are identified as GATE Cluster.  Lewis teachers hold GATE certification and provide the differentiation needed for student success.

GATE Identification Process

Lewis operates under the San Diego Unified School District’s GATE identification process by utilizing the CogAT assessment battery with students in grades 2-5.  This includes all second graders (universal testing), students new to the district in grades 3-5, and re-testing for fifth grade students who meet a certain criteria, based upon their initial GATE assessment result. In 2009, the Board approved the elimination of GATE testing after the fifth grade; therefore, we will utilize existing assessment data from a student’s prior district, and the new student multi-criterion process, for any students new to the district in grades 6-12. 

GATE Cluster Program Description

Our GATE Cluster classrooms provide all students with instruction that is engaging and rigorous.  Our teachers possess GATE certification and implement teaching strategies that foster creativity, talent development, problem-solving abilities that expand each student’s awareness of choices that increase commitment to personal responsibility for self and others.  All content area classrooms provide rigor and high teaching/learning expectations, with additional support provided to students demonstrating need. 

GATE Seminar Program Description

Lewis students are placed in our GATE Seminar Program if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • ·         Scoring 99.9% on the Raven test (assessment tool used prior to 2016)
  • ·         Possession of Seminar identification, using the Multiple-Factor Eligibility Matrix which includes: CogAT score, high achievement, and special factors

Lewis’ GATE Seminar Program is delivered through a Humanities Model, which includes placement in a Seminar English and Social Studies/History class.  Our program and classes are designed to meet the needs of those students who are identified as highly gifted, with differentiated instruction focused on Depth, Complexity and Novelty. 

  • ·         Depth

-          Seek to understand concepts and generalizations through the analysis of the rules and principles that support the larger idea.  To explore a subject at a higher level of understanding by finding the principles and facts that makes up its generalizations and concepts.

-          Allow learners to discover details, patterns and trends that lead to the formulation of unanswered questions and the understanding of overarching ideas.

  • ·         Complexity

-          Facilitating complexity in student thinking in order to understand complex concepts and generalizations at a more sophisticated level.

-          Make connections with other ideas, showing the relationship between concepts and understanding perspectives other than their own.

-          Facilitating students to find multiple solutions across the disciplines, over time, and from different perspectives.

  • ·         Novelty

-          New, unusual and unique.

-          Incorporate original interpretations of existing information by utilizing their personal views and interests.

-          Allow students to construct unique and individualized meaning of the structure or concept; allowing innovations and re-creations of old systems and ideas.

Frequently Asked Question:  Can my (non-identified Seminar) child be placed in Lewis’ Seminar Program?

Depending on year to year student enrollment numbers, we will offer available Seminar placements to students who score closest to Seminar score criteria.  Parents will be contacted for permission prior to placement.  Placement is based on space availability, on a year-to-year basis and is not guaranteed for the following year.  In order to be fair and equitable, we do not accept nor make decisions based on parent requests and/or former teacher recommendations. 

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